School of Medicine

1.     Name: Medical School

2.     Introduction:

The medical education of PEIHUA started in the 1980s, the former secretary of the party committee, professor Bingde Wang, collaborate with the former vice chancellor of the 4th快乐赛车 military medical university, major general Shengqiu Chen to establish the school of medicine with supports of numbers of famous experts. Currently, there are 4,399 students in the school and 5 majors were set up for them. Besides the 5 majors, there are 25 academic groups, which indicates a complete range of subjects and a profound educational background of the school. Adhering to the educational spirit “To be motivated, true and kind” and persisting in the educational philosophy “sincere medical ethics, refined medical skills, mental nursing, thorough attitude towards pharmacy”, the medical school focused on students development and the educational quality, vigorously implemented following strategic aims: educational construction with high quality, school strengthening relying on qualified student cultivation, school prospering based on specialty and school management by standardized norm. In past 13 years, the medical school has cultivated almost 10,000 students for society, which means that the school has already been an important base for primary medicine and health service in Shaanxi province and received a good reputation for that.

While the university implement deeply the application-oriented revolutionary strategy, the medical school has taken series measurements to join. Firstly, it adheres to the emphasis of revolutionary transformation, connotative development and characteristic expanding. Meanwhile, it heads to realize the establishment of a local, application-oriented, international, high level, demonstrative base for medical personnel cultivation. Hereon, the medical school has step out firmly and achieve a good performance.

快乐赛车3.     Establishment


4.     Achievements

(1)In 2015, the integrated plan of medicine, pension and nursing for students cultivation was established in Shaanxi province.

(2)In 2015, two gold and one silver medals was awarded in the first “Internet +Venture Corp Contest” in Shaanxi competition area.

(3)In 2015, student has won the 2nd prize in individual cohort of nursing skills contest between higher vocational college in Shaanxi province.

快乐赛车(4)In 2016, the medicine experimental and teaching-demonstrative center of medical school was approved as provincial center.

快乐赛车(5)In 2016, Professor Mingxian Guo was granted as “Provincial reputed Professor in Shaanxi”。

(6)In 2016, the school was rewarded the 3rd prize of national experiment design in basic medicine for students.

快乐赛车(7)In 2017, the nursing major of the medical school was approved as the first batch in the training program for the elite majors of universities and colleges in Shaanxi province.

(8)In 2017, application-oriented distinctive courses cover 100% of professional courses and 60% of basic courses. Which indicates that the goal of being outstanding has been preliminarily reached. Two national curriculum-reformational projects has been approved. The school was honored the 2nd prize of the sixth big course period of application-oriented curriculum construction, the teaching demonstration section and the 2nd prize of “TAIMENG Cup”, the national human physiology experiment competition.

快乐赛车(9)In 2017, the medical school has declared totally 14 provincial science projects and 4 foundations for social science. It has published 1 SCI paper, 1 paper classified in C-class magazine and 8 papers in core magazine, meanwhile, it obtained 9 patents for new utility.

(10)In 2017, the students of the school won the bronze award of the 3rd students innovation and venture Corp contest in Shaanxi competition area, the 2nd prize of national English competition and the provincial 2nd prize of nursing skills competition.

快乐赛车(11)In 2017, the school has approved 5 projects of provincial students innovation and venture Corp project.

5.     Departments

(1)     Departments

快乐赛车Basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing, medical informatic engineering, dental medicine, central laboratory.


快乐赛车6.     Educational level

Bachelor: Pharmacy
Medical information engineering
Junior college: Clinical medicine

快乐赛车Oral medicine technology 

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