Peihua President

Dr. Jiang Bo was born in April 1973, in Xi’an. He is a member of China Zhigong Party. Dr. Jiang has studied overseas for over 10 years, during which he successfully introduced over 10 foreign investment and high-tech projects into China. After finishing his doctorial studies, he gave up such generous offerings overseas and decided to engage his life to the private higher education in Northwest China. After years of diligent work in the field, he soon became one of the youngest leaders among the private undergraduate universities in China. He is highly recognized for the enormous contributions he made in the upgrading of Xi’an Peihua women’s College to Xi’an Peihua University, which is the first private undergraduate university in the Northwest of China and one of the top named schools among all the private universities in China. Between 2010 and 2011, Dr. Jiang studied in the China Central Institute of socialism, the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, and the China Executive Leadership Academy, Jingganshan (CELAJ). During his studies, he was selected as the member of publicity, and member of study and class monitor. For academic studies and research, he has completed and published over 15 volumes of books or textbooks, over 20 research papers and served as a leading member of the first state key program in the field of education sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of Education. He also chaired 4 provincial level research projects and receive 3 Excellent Academic Awards from the Provincial Government. Moreover, he has served as the chief editor in the compiling of the first reform-regulated textbooks, mainly designed for private universities in China (of which, the Investigative Learning Program is the first type of such text book of this nature for university students.)


快乐赛车Starting in 1997, Dr. Jiang Bo, begin serving as the Board Member of the Xi’an Peihua women’s College and Secretary General of the Board, the Assistant to the President, Vice President, Executive Vice President, Executive President, President, Board Chairman, and Legal Representative.


He has received numerous awards from the government, social organizations and the public.

These awards includes

China Xi’an Charming Youth;

Top-100 Mid-aged and Young Cultural Celebrity (Who-Is-Who) of Shaanxi;

Top-10 Shaanxi Economy Persons of the year;

Top-10 China Reform People in the News;

Top-10 China Model in the Public Interest;

Top-30 China Private Education Key Persons with 30 years of Reform;

Shaanxi Excellent Builders of the China Featured Socialism Causes;

Cultural Celebrities that Affect Shaanxi and Contribute to Shaanxi;

Top-10 Shaanxi Economy Business People; and

“Xi’an’s Most influential figures in the ten China economy”;

“Project Hope 20 years of outstanding public figures”;

“Entrepreneurial Chinese tenth annual public figures”;

“New Chinese 60 anniversary outstanding contribution figures”;

”China education’s most influential people”;

“Five four Shaanxi youth medal, outstanding principal Huang Yanpei Award”;

“Chinese ten public Achievement Award”;

“the first Session moved west character of 10 big news”;

“the 2012 Hurun China’s most respected industry contribution award”;

“China patriotism education advanced individual”;

“China’s respect for the model character”;

“2012 Shaanxi contributions to the development of the City Elite Award”;

“Promote education in Shaanxi development outstanding contribution award”;

“Shaanxi economic impetus public figure award”;

“The twelfth Five-Year top ten reform and Innovation Education figures” and the

“2015 annual influential figures award”.












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