Over 90 years of history and development of Peihua University’s management and education. The 1911 Revolution and the 1919 May-Fourth Movement awakened a large number of Chinese educated youth and intellectuals to launch and participate in the new democratic movement in China, under the influence of the western Industrial Revolution and the October Russian Revolution. Youth and intellectuals joined together and started fighting for their ideal of national prosperity in industrial education and national development. In 1917, Mr. Huang Yanpei, the leading educator and pioneer in Chinese Vocational Education, established the Chinese Vocational Education Association in Shanghai. Since then, his idea and philosophy of “Capable Hands and Work with your Head and Hands”were widely spread and recognized in all over the country. With the establishment of New China, and especially with the open and reform policy starting from the early 80s, Peihua has become a training center for qualified talent in the financial profession needed in the market. With over 88 years of history and development in education, Peihua is well known for its education principle of “Focus on Cultivating Talents and for the Goal of Rejuvenation of the Nation”. The university has inherited the lasting tradition of excellence from the former Peihua Vocational School and the Xi an Peihua Girls College. It also consistently adheres to the concept of humanity education following the principles of “People Oriented, Morality Education First”; to develop industry for supporting education; and for joint development in harmony. With the Peihua’s annual achievements, the university has successfully paved the way of development with its unique characteristics. Peihua has come to be the elite model in the field of private higher education in the West Region, since the open and reform policy in the early 90s. The education system development and reform, especially in the higher education sector, is closely related with the social and economic development of the country. In 1978, after the completion of the 3rd Section of the 11th CPC Central Committee Conference, the newly announced development guidance from the central government, was to “Focus on the economic construction as the core center and reconsideration of the importance of improving productivity”. The top Chinese leader of the time, Mr. Deng Xiaoping, with his foresight and vision, pointed this out that in his speech, “In order to develop the productivity, we must pay close attention to science and education”. Thus, this has given great vitality to education reform. Starting form 1982, throughout the country, many of colleges, universities, professional and academic scientific research institutions, which were closed during hard times, were re-established, bringing vitality to new education prosperity. Meanwhile, Peihua started its new journey following the trend in educational reforms with social and economic reforms. 


Professor Jiang Weizhi was born on the 9th day of the 9th month in the year 1926 (Chinese Lunar Calendar) in Zhenping County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. He is recognized as one of the well-known educators in contemporary China and the founder of Xi an Peihua University. Professor Jiang Weizhi studied and graduated from Shaanxi Zhixing College of Agriculture as young man.  After graduation, in August 1949 just before Liberation, he joined the faculty of Xi an Peihua Vocational School. From then, he continuously worked as a faculty member and vice principal (Executive) of Xi an Peihua Private Finance and Economic School, Xi an No. 1 Finance and Economics School, and Xi an Municipal Finance and Economics School, as well as the Changchun Statistic School, located in Changchun. In 1958, he was wrongly accused of a Rightist Member and was sent to work on the farms, in the factories for correctional labor, and to prison for his criticisms and denouncements. During these years of turmoil with their high and lows, he suffered greatly, but from which he also learned to be indifferent to fame and fortune. These twenty plus years of suffering and tribulation made him a man of motivation and determination. Moreover, while he was isolated from teaching and education, he still upheld his passion and sentimentality for Peihua as well as his dreams of educational reform and of making positive contributions to the country.


In 1978, he was rehabilitated and again approved, nominated, and appointed the principal of Xi an House Construction and Technology Vocations SchoolXi an No. 13 Middle Schooland Xi an Peihua Advanced Vocational School. In 1984, Xi an Peihua Girls College was established as the first private women’s higher education institution of New China based on the restoration of Xi an Peihua Girls Vocational School. Since its re-establishment Professor Jiang has served as the Vice Board Chairman, Executive Vice president, Board Chairman, and President. At the age of 59, he joined the Chinese Communist Party. In 2003, the Xi an Peihua Girls College was renamed Xi an Peihua University and upgraded to an undergraduate university. Professor Jiang Weizhi continuously served as the Xi an Peihua University Board Chairman and President until he passed away on November 20, 2007.


During his time working in education and in teaching, and as a member of the Provincial Higher Education Society and his service as Deputy Director of the National Private Higher-Education Committee, he was highly recognized for his success and contributions and received awards as Provincial Excellent Educator, Top-10 National Private Educator, Top-10 University President of the Year (A Shaanxi Award), Excellent Chinese University President, China Expert with Outstanding Contributions, Hero of Distinction in China Private Education during the 30 years of the open and reform policy.


Until his passing at the age of 82 at his residence in Xi’an, Professor Jiang Weizhi a had dedicated his life to education.


Professor Jiang Weizhi had been working diligently in the field of education for over 58 years, making outstanding contributions. He is highly reputed for his devotion to teaching and moral purity. He is also highly respected by his students in all fields. He is considered as one of the eminent pioneers in the Chinese private higher education and was awarded for his outstanding contribution in the development of private higher education in Shaanxi and in China.


In 2007, Dr. Jiang Bo, aged 34, came to serve as the University Board Chairman and President. His new ideas and philosophy of innovation were incorporated into the university development plan and the education system integration. In the same year, Peihua University came to be recognized as the first private university in the West Region of China (among 12 provinces and autonomous regions) with the granting of bachelor’s degrees.









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