Honors and Awards

快乐赛车 A Bright Pearl in the History of Chinese Private Education

With Peihua’s history and development, after more than 32 years since its establishment as the first private university and the first women’s university, the university has become the model and milestone in China Private Higher-education Reform. Peihua is highly recognized as the leading flag in private higher education in Shaanxi and China.

The Development and Success of Xi an Peihua University Has Been Highly Recognized Widely by All Social Circles:

快乐赛车○The First Private Undergraduate Higher Education Institution in the West Region of China

快乐赛车○The First Private Undergraduate Higher Education Institution in the West Region of China

○The First Private Higher Education Institutions being listed in Second Batch Undergraduate

○China Top-10 Private College and University

○Shaanxi Private Higher Education Institution with Honor of Integrity

快乐赛车○China Love Ambassador of Love Unit

快乐赛车○Shaanxi Provincial Model University with Lawful Administration

快乐赛车○National Model University in the Quality-Oriented Education of the Youth

快乐赛车○Shaanxi Provincial Level University with Safe Campus

快乐赛车○Shaanxi Provincial Model University of Civilization

○National Advanced Social Organization

○China Education Adversary Unit in the West Region of China

○China Well-Known Private Higher-Education in 30 year after the Open and Reform

○China Example of Success in Private Higher-Education in 30 years after the Open and Reform

○China Toop-10 Model University with Best Placement Quality in 30 years after the Open and Reform

○The Advanced Collective Award in the Earthquake Relief Work, Issued by the China Red Cross Organization.  

○National Safety Model Unit for Food and Beverage

○Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Unit for Stableness and Safety in Education Industry

○Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Collective for University Graduates Placement Work

快乐赛车○Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Collective for Legal Education Legal Governing

○Shaanxi Provincial Model University for Students Social Practice

○Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Party Organizations at Primary Level in the Strive for Excellence Activity

○Model of Garden Style Unit

○The 3rd Huang Yanpei Outstanding School Award

○The Most Social Responsible Unit in China

快乐赛车○China National Model Bases for Project of Love

快乐赛车○Chinese Model Higher-Education Institution with Most Social Influence

During the development of Xi an Peihua University, it has continuously adhered to the spirit of education as summarized in Science, Democracy, Freedom, Justice and Innovation. Thus, outstanding achievements have been made, and the deployment and story of Peihua University have been reported with news coverage in the media and the press, both at the central government level and local media, including CCTV Daily News, China Daily People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, China Education News, China Youth News Paper, Shaanxi Daily, and  The News Coverage of Shaanxi Radio and TV Broadcasting.












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