School of Intelligent Science and Information Engineering

快乐赛车 Introduction:

快乐赛车School of Intelligent Science and Information Engineering stems from the Department of Computer Science set up in 1997 and Electronics Department in 2000 during the PEIHUA Girlhood University period. The two Departments mergered in 2009 and changed its name to School of Electrical and Information Engineering. In May 2013, the School signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ZTE corporation to establish Xi’an PEIHUA University ZTE Telecom school to jointly establish key communication specialty projects in the central and western regions and to become the first to build a secondary college joint cooperative school between ZTE corporation and Chinese undergraduate colleges and universities. In June 2017, Xi’an PEIHUA University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Aerial Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Co. Ltd. (ARSC). Both sides jointly established a cooperation platform called research on production, learning and research to jointly train Telemetry and Spatial information technology talents and set up the School of Intelligent science and information engineering including the department of computer science, department of electronics, department of computer basic research and department of mathematics; there are totally five majors including electronic information engineering, communication engineering, computer science and technology, internet of things engineering, software engineering. The school of intelligent science and information engineering introduces the technical courses, equipment platforms and employee training courses of enterprises to form a comprehensive school-enterprise cooperation training, talent cooperation and training model for young students to wear the wings of wisdom and realize the value of life and to create the valuable application-oriented talents for the ICT industry.



The faculty of the school is plentiful, and the teaching team consists of professors, associate professors, experimental teachers, dual-hired teachers, double-hired senior engineers; the teachers with master’s and doctor’s degree account for 92%, and the full-time teachers with senior professional title account for 60%. The school has fifteen advanced computer technology laboratories, circuit and electronic technology laboratories and the leading level of 4G-LTE and other communications laboratories, with Shaanxi province computer technology and software professional and technical qualification workstations, Shaanxi province occupation skill identification station, computer grade test station in Shaanxi province. Here students can obtain the diploma while obtaining the occupation certificate. In 2011, the school was approved as a pilot school for cultivating innovative talents in electronic information specialty. In 2013, it was approved as provincial telecommunication experimental teaching demonstration center. In 2015, it was approved as provincial pilot project for comprehensive reform of communication engineering. In 2016, it was approved as provincial communication engineering teaching team and awarded as the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform experimental school of Shaanxi province. In 2017, it was approved as Shaanxi province first-class professional cultivation project (communication engineering).

In recent years, the teachers in school have successively won the first prize and the second prize and the second prize in the competition of application-oriented special courses in Xi’an PEIHUA university, the first prize in the competition of the fifth and sixth teaching lecture of application-oriented curriculum construction, the second prize in national applied skill talents competition and so on.

快乐赛车The school regularly organizes and selects excellent students to participate in provincial and state-level scientific and technological competitions such as the national undergraduate mathematical contest for modeling, the national undergraduate electronic design competition, the national undergraduate service outsourcing innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the national undergraduate students embedded IoT design contest, the china undergraduate computer software and information technology professionals contest. In recent years, the students won more than 200 honors including the first prizes in the whole country, the first prizes in the northwest provinces and the first prize in Shaanxi province.

The school has a total of more than 110,000 books rich in electronic information and computer professional knowledges to ensure the teachers’ teaching and research and the students’ learning. Under the support of good software and hardware conditions, the teachers in school has made rich achievements in professional teaching and scientific research. In recent years, teachers have undertaken more than 70 provincial-level and university-level projects, published more than 10 monographs and textbooks, obtained more than 20 awards at the national and provincial levels and published more than 120 research papers on EI, ISTP and CSCD.

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