School of Architecture, Art and Design


1.    Name:

School of Architecture, Art and Design


2.    Introduction:

The School of Architecture, Art and Design is established from the former School of Residential Environment and Engineering and the former School of Art and Design in May 2018. The Fusion of the Schools is based on the development demand of professional education, which made it a new School of teaching methodology with consideration of the advanced educational philosophy.

The school has totally inherited the faculty composition and the self-developed teaching methodology of both former schools to improve the development of majors and students’ cultivation. To achieve this goal, the school also tries to integrate the interdisciplinary advantages and combine the compacted bases of the two former schools. The school has undertaken the educational reformation based on the personnel demand of social and vocational development, the basic intention of the educational reformation focused on enhancement of individual vocational ability while the students practicing how to be innovative during working by innovative planning, interdisciplinary learning and merging the core professional knowledge.


Nowfollowing majors belong to the school:

(Bachelor) Craft art (Lacquer art/ Ceramic craft/ Fiber Art )

(Bachelor) Animation ( Animation/ E-Gaming design/ Competition Branding/  new Media)

(Bachelor) Visual communication design (Advertising and Branding design/ Video and internet multimedia advertising)

(Bachelor) Costume and apparel design (Apparel design and intelligent customization/ Image branding with costume matching)

(Bachelor) Environment design (Interior design/ Outdoor space design)

(Bachelor) Architecture (Architecture design and the theory/ Characterized town design)

(Bachelor) Civil engineering (Civil construction/ Construction techniques/ Bridge and tunnel engineering )

(Bachelor) Construction cost (Construction cost/ Montage cost/ International construction cost)

(Junior College) Construction engineering management ( Construction project management/ Architectural construction management )

(Junior College) Construction cost (Construction cost/ Montage cost)


Recently in 2018, near 2,500 students from bachelor and junior college study in the school. The school has accumulated a superior team of teachers, with their help, the school hast set about the educational reformation from 2015. The educational reformation is mainly to develop the vocational education and the competence of students, so that various bases and laboratories in and out of the campus, which meets the need of the students to accomplish a compulsory internship and helps the students to practice the acquired knowledge and ability in the work utmost.

The establishment of the new school based on the leadership directed reformation has marked the commensurate development opportunity with important value. The dean of the school, Jianzhong Yi, has mastered himself in his field and vocational branch and he has collected rich experiences all over the world. Centered around him, numbers of reputed professors including Xiaoming Zhang, Daren Teng, Zhaochen Ding and Zhanhui Chen joined the advisory committee of the school and help the school to approach the international stage. With their help, following plans could be undertaken:

(1)  For content of curriculum : focusing on enhancing the ability in practicing, removing the obstruction between the policy and business and to reform the emerged teaching methodology, helping students to learn more about their majors in real society and the directions to march on;

(2)  For reducing the local limitation: expanding the possibility for students to get job national and international instead of local, helping students get better understanding of how the world works and how to be a part of it.


The school is facing an opportunity to make a great progress, it will provide more and more talent in designing a better world with guidance of latest planning philosophy and ways of promoting project. Meanwhile, it will provide the students a grand stage to learn and develop themselves and valuable experience in developing similar educational model.   


3.    Establishment:



4.    Achievements:

The school has signed the school-enterprise cooperation agreement with 14 enterprises. The company has signed an agreement with the Xi’an customer service center of Glodon software co. ltd. to build a practical training base and carry out the "combination of work and learning" to cultivate and improve professional abilities of students.

The school has built an experimental teaching center for constructional engineering, which was listed in provincial demonstrative centers by provincial education department in 2014. The building area of the center has reached 1500 square meters and the gross value of teaching instruments and equipment is more than 130 million Chinese yuan. The school includes about 12 laboratories in engineering mechanics, measuring equipment, building materials, soil mechanics, architectural structure, architectural model, architectural physics, professional architectural software training, PKPM software integrated training, computer aided design, Glodon software training and professional architecture studio. Those completely meet the requirement of professional teaching experiment and training.








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