Women’s School

1.     Name: Women’s School

2.     History:

快乐赛车PEIHU university is formerly known as the “Xi’an Peihua Women’s College” and accumulates in past 90 years rich experience in women’s education, it has trained countless outstanding female talents for society. In order to inherit and carry forward the sophisticated tradition of women’s education, the women’s school was founded in 2010 within vision to provide better education and service for girls in the campus.

3.     Duty and Mission:

快乐赛车(1)   Female education:

Excellent talent training (Set up “elite women class”, accounting for 5% of women in the university from each majors), general education (social gender culture education for all students)

快乐赛车(2)   Academic research and cultural exchange:

The women’s school unites social resources to carry out research about social gender culture and female development, to build a platform for news and information of social gender culture. Relying on the “Women’s gender research and training base”, “The basic national policy of gender equality’s research and training base” and “Shaanxi provincial social science popularization base:”, the women’s school organizes academic and cultural exchanges and outreach activities.

快乐赛车4.     Community service:

(1)   Carry out women’s volunteer service, commonweal activities.

快乐赛车(2)   Focus on women’s survival and personal development.

5.     Product development:

(1)   Establish female lifelong education institutions.

(2)   Provide women’s knowledge consulting and health services.

(3)   Develop women’s products and help women to start a career.

6.     Leaders:

Dean: Guangqing ye
Executive subdean: Lixia Liu
Subdean: Li Ban
Educational supervisor: Jinxia Zhang

7.     Institutions:

快乐赛车Institute for development of women and the belt-road research

Director of the institute: Shaman Jin
Institute of women and quality-oriented education

Director: Liwei Fu 

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