School of Media

Introduction to the school of media

快乐赛车There are six majors (departments) in the school of media, such as journalism, advertising, broadcasting and hosting art, drama films and television literature, radio and television editing, network and new media. Nearly 2300 students study at the school of media. The school owns a strong faculty with 101 teaching staffs including 15 teaching administrators and 86 teachers, among them collaborate 11 teachers with senior professional titles and 13 with vice-senior titles. Following the educational directions of PEIHUA, "applied, local and international" and aiming at local economy development-oriented talents cultivation, the school not only helps the students to build themselves in their professional knowledge but also focuses on the application of teaching materials and reformation by building the "2 + 2" mode within aboard learning, strengthening practical teaching and cultivating students with internationalization and applied technical talents.

   There is a comprehensive platform spreading nearly 2000 square meters in campus for students to practice and conduct experiment, which includes teletorium, photo studio, recording studio, media forum, non-linear editing and the training lab for Post-production effects. Furthermore, a range of studios were set up, "advanced broadcasting class", "click, all media studio", "Xiaoyue film and television studio", "micro movie experiment center, the blue studio", "Shenhe drama studio", "spirit wing studio" and so on; at the same time, numbers of internships in cooperation with media enterprise were set up, such as Shaanxi broadcast television, Shaanxi film and television production co., LTD., Shaanxi daily newspaper, phoenix TV channel in Shaanxi province, Shaanxi girlfriend media group, Shaanxi media network, Xi an education television, Sanqin city daily, Xi an great Tang Dynasty west city cultural industry investment group co., LTD.. Moreover, strategic cooperation with China international education television station, the New York film academy, Taiwan art university and other famous universities at home and abroad was made to establish joint education, joint training and other teaching institutions to exchange students, both sides aim at developing teaching team, strengthening the construction of profession and providing training and practical platform for students in our school. 

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