School of Humanities and International education

1.    Name:

School of Humanities and International Education


2.    Introduction:

The School of Humanities and International Education is established from the former School of Humanities and the former School of the International Education. The School has designed new teaching methodology with consideration of the advanced educational philosophy, the school tries to get the utmost out of the superior qualified teaching resources under the direction of international teaching standard. To cultivate the students tightly within carrier orientation could help integrating of the local economic development demands into international. Consequently, the school has set a new aim, to cultivate comprehensive, application-oriented students not only with high qualified level of mother language, literature and culture, but also with international and intercultural communicative skills.


Nowfollowing majors belong to the school:

Chinese language and literature, Chinese international education, jurisprudence, English, Japanese, furthermore, Chinese and Preschool education for junior college students.

Recently in 2018, near 3,400 students from bachelor and junior college study in the school and 190 teachers for them. Among the teachers, 30% of them obtained senior profession titles, 30% of them are reputed specialist in their fields and 27% of them sharing overseas experience.


As the most important support resource for establishment of the application-oriented, international university, the school undertakes the aim at cultivating talents acquired excellent Chinese knowledge for the whole world, and for that, the school has set various long- and short-term refreshing curricula of Chinese literature and Chinese culture. Moreover, numbers of in- and inter-school base for internship and exchange programs were established for enlarging international cooperation. Till the establishment of the school, diversiform Co-training Modes including 2+1+1, 2+2 and 2+1+2 were promoted with following countries, U.S.A, Japan, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, France, Germany, Malaysia etc. Base on those, numerous opportunities will be provided for students to take the long- and short-term exchanges, internships with salaries, degree promotion and immigration.


Focusing on cultivation of students equipped with innovative and comprehensive ability, the school has organized a rich mixture of activities to train superior talents continuously. All previous graduates are characterized with ability of application and practicing. Consequently, the gapless hiring ration after graduation stays over 96% for years and the graduated students are welcome to numbers of companies and employers.


3.    Establishment:



4.    Achievements:

In 2003, the ministry of Education approved the school upgraded to undergraduate school, renamed “Xi’an Peihua University”. It has become the first private undergraduate institution in the twelve provinces and autonomous regions in the western region of China.

In 2003, English majors successfully bid for a bachelor’s degree. In 2007, the Shaanxi provincial Academic Degrees Committee approved that the school became the first private university in the twelve provinces and autonomous regions of the western region with the right to grant bachelor’s degree. The English major is granted the right to grant a bachelor’s degree. In 2004, the first undergraduate student was recruited in Japanese. In 2006, PEIHUA university became a four grade and eight level examination centers for private universities in northwest China.


5.    Department





6.    Competence Extension




7.     Facilities for Enhancing Teaching:


The Room for Practicing of Preschool Education



快乐赛车The digital audio laboratory


The Art Gallery


Speech Hall for Chinese Culture






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